excellent fleet driver Safety training


Periodic seminars are powerful tools for conveying critical safety concepts to drivers. They're also ideal for focusing your driver safety resources on the specific issues that are relevant to your fleet. ADTS' special topic seminars help you achieve both of these goals.


Our driver safety seminars are ideal complements to a national or regional meeting, or any other gathering that brings together your group of drivers.


An experienced ADTS instructor will present the seminar at your headquarters, a branch office, or other location that's convenient for your drivers. Many programs can be presented in just two hours, making it viable to add them to a meeting agenda.


Some available seminar topics include:


DISTRACTED DRIVING - Stresses the importance of avoiding tasks while driving that distract from driving.


CELL PHONE SAFETY - reviews the risks and provides safe, realistic alternatives.


FOUL WEATHER DRIVING - provides tips on speed, advance planning, and other ways to stay safe in foul weather.


PERSONAL SAFETY - explains how to recognize the risks of carjacking and other crimes and avoid becoming a victim.


DWI – stresses the risks of driving while impaired and teaches how to spot and avoid impaired drivers.


ACCIDENT AVOIDANCE CLINIC- teaches how to eliminate bad driving habits and adopt a positive attitude toward safety.


DRIVER ATTITUDE - offers tips for overcoming anger, fatigue, and other attitude problems on the road.


BELTS & BAGS - provides facts about air bags, seatbelts and other safety devices.


CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM - addresses any fleet safety / driver safety topic you desire.