excellent fleet driver Safety training


ADTS offers a training solution that combines the convenience and cost value of online training, with the effectiveness of interactive, instructor-led driver safety training. The ADTS "Instructor-Led Online Training Program" (ILOT Program) provides real time training that addresses the specific needs of drivers.


The training is customizable to client needs and can be conducted whenever necessary.


When a driver participates in a safety training program, that person needs to walk away from the training convinced that safety is important. If the driver is not convinced, the training will have limited success. The ILOT Program achieves this very important goal.


The instructors conducting this training are seasoned driver safety educators with years of experience in driver safety instruction. They know how to involve the students and they know how to achieve that ever-important "buy-in". The root causes of vehicles crashes are examined and discussed in an in-depth, common sense manner that substantiates the material being taught.


The ILOT Program is not an off-the-shelf generic online training program. This program is customizable to fit the specific needs of the clients, and the client's drivers. This provides a much more suitable and successful training experience.


Topics that are available are numerous. Some of these include:
• Rear-End Collisions
• Parking/Backing Collisions
• Driver Distraction
• Driver Fatigue
• Intersection Collisions
• Speeding
• Driver Attitude
• Driving Green
• Highway Driving
• Foul Weather Driving
• Seasonal Driving Issues
• Principles of Safe Driving
• Driver Responsibility
• Maintaining A Safe Vehicle
• Personal Safety


ADTS will create ILOT programs that are specific to client needs. Examples of client specific training includes Fleet Policy training and Driver Safety Policy training.