ADTS Driver Skill Enhancement course

excellent behind the wheel fleet driver training


The ADTS Driver Skill Enhancement program is a full-day course that combines interactive classroom instruction with behind-the-wheel training – ideal for new hires, tenured drivers, and the managers that supervise drivers.


The eight-hour program delivers the practical knowledge and hands-on skills your drivers need to stay safer on the road – covering critical topics like proper use of the eyes, having escape routes, types of crashes, vehicle safety features, and the important role of proper driver attitude.


The session is available for groups with pricing on a per-driver basis.

A modified, 1/2-day, ADTS Driver Skill Enhancement program is also available. Contact us for additional information.




WE COME TO YOU. ADTS trains at sites convenient for you – at national or regional meetings, near branches, wherever drivers are located. We maximize productivity by minimizing drivers' time away from the job and the related costs.


OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE THE MOST EXPERIENCED IN THE INDUSTRY. All are current or former police officers with extensive experience in highway safety and accident investigation and reconstruction.


DRIVERS LEARN IN A SAFE, HANDS-ON SETTING. One-on-one with an instructor, your drivers improve their skills behind the wheel on a controlled course – an environment that maximizes learning and safety, without the limitations of an uncontrolled setting (i.e. driving in traffic).


THE TRAINING SECURES BUY-IN. It's practical, dynamic, and engaging (even for your greatest skeptics) – which improves retention and maximizes your long-term ROI.