High risk One-to-one driver training program

excellent behind the wheel fleet driver training


The full-day One-to-One Training program provides intense, personalized training for drivers with a history of violations and/or crashes.


The One-to-One Training program is conducted during a normal business day so as to keep your driver productive and also to give the trainer an accurate view of the driver's normal routine.


The course takes a positive approach that demonstrates your company’s concern for employee safety. Throughout the day, the instructor observes your driver’s skills on the road and looks for areas needing improvement. The instructor also provides practical advice on the spot – offering tips the driver can use immediately to help make them a better...safer driver.


At the end of the day the instructor and driver review key problem areas observed and proven strategies for addressing each, while the instructor secures your driver’s commitment to improvement.


Our ADTS instructor also provides a comprehensive written report to management, detailing the findings and providing documentation of your efforts. The report is an excellent tool for managers to use in following up with the driver on specific safety issues.